White Teeth Part Two

Okay, so today’s is my white teeth reveal!  I’ve been using the Whitening Lightning system for about 2 weeks and the BEST part of this system is there is NO teeth sensitivity!

That was something that we very important me to.  I used Crest Whitestrips and only got through about 3 days before I couldn’t stand the pain of the strips on my teeth.  Now, I can’t eat my favorite gummy candy without pain from the sugar!! Sooooo angry with them.  So.  This is why I am so super excited about sharing with Whitening Lightning with you all!

In case you have forgot my wonderful “before” shot, here it is again:


Here are the products I used from Whitening Lightning 





And here is my after!


A noticeable difference, I’m in love!

It’s so nice to have a product to show case that actually works 😉 now go out and get yours today!!



Have a White Dress? You Need White Teeth!

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a bride out there that doesn’t want white teeth for her wedding.  Wearing that white dress for your big day makes making sure your teeth are just at pearly white is a must!!

I’m sure you’ll also agree that you probably need white teeth for ANY event you’re throwing, which is why we are bringing you

duh da daaaah

whiteninglightning_logo copy

Of course, we are always the skeptics, so we are going to try Whitening Lightning for you!

I’ll be trying both the whitening pen and the whitenting kit.


We are really excited to try these products because all their products are gluten and cruelty free and made the USA (score!).  Also, they are not supposed to cause any sensitivity, which rocks!

Here is a before shoot of me (don’t laugh at my cheesy smile)


We will be back in about a week to show you my progress!


Shoes Are A Girls Best Friend-DIY

What started out as a few pairs of shoes here, and a few pairs there, suddenly turned into a slew so big they we’re overtaking my bedroom. They outgrew my closet, the little shoe shelf I bought, and then smack dab right onto the bedroom floor, and if you know me, you know that I love my things to be neat, tidy and in their place. So it was killing me that my shoes were lined up next to my bed like little soldiers ready to go to war. I needed to find them a forever home because I wasn’t about to ship them out!


I knew vertical was the way to go, and I have a pretty big room, so I began to draw out the plans for the floor to ceiling shoe storage that I covet. I wanted it to look like something you’d see in a boutique (thinking maybe if I have my own shop, I wouldn’t want to shop so much… Yea RIGHT!)


I headed out to one of the greatest stores on earth, where I picked up everything I needed for this project.

All gas piping and connectors are 1/2 inch diameter and I chose black iron. If you prefer it also comes in a silver galvanized steel but it’s a little more pricey. The Best thing about this project is you can customize it to be as big or small as you want it, you just have to tweak the list.


  • (5) 12″ x 1″ x 5′ boards
  • (15) T-connectors
  • (6) circle flanges
  • (18) 90 degree elbows
  • (21) 8″ gas pipe
  • (6) 10″ gas pipe
  • (6) 12″ gas pipe
  • (3) 24″ gas pipe
  • drywall screws (only 24 needed)


  • Tape Measure
  • Power Drill
  • 1″ Spade drill Bit
  • Pair of Channel Locks
  • Lots and Lots of Soap

Before starting the good ol’ assembly part of this project, I laid everything out with like items next to each other, to make sure there wouldn’t be any confusion. I then sanded the boards to take off any splinters and jagged edges. This is also the point that you would stain your boards if you wanted. ( I get bored of my decor pretty easy so I decided to wait until then to stain, just to spruce them up when they need a facelift)



First things first, you need to measure out your studs in the wall. Typically they are every 16″ on center. I found my first stud by taking the outlet cover off and looking on the inside to see where the box was nailed. I marked that spot (middle) and then measured 32″ out both ways for the stud locations. On your first board measure center and then the 32″ out on both sides. I drilled my holes a inch and a half in allowing for a little edge when I was finished. Drill all of your boards using the same measurements before anything else to make sure your shelving is straight when finished. This is very important, DO NOT listen to others if the try to tell you different (even if they are a heating & cooling guru).






Starting with your circular flange, start assembling piece by piece as shown in the pictures. Once you get the first tier done, screw it into the floor to ensure stability while assembling. Also, make sure to tighten as you go with channel locks. This is the easy part and should only take an hour, unless you need to keep washing your hands like me, even if you know they are just going to turn black again! This is where the bottle of soap comes in!

When you have all your pieces together, screw the remaining 3 flanges into the wall making sure to hit the studs. The only thing left to do is to grab a rag and wipe down all the piping any black fingerprints.



I am so proud of my finished shelves, I think they turned out great! The finished size ended up at 6ft wide by 7ft tall.

I honestly believe that I can do anything! It almost makes me want to take a finished photo into Lowe’s and hand it to all the people who gave me weird looks as I was filling my cart full of gas piping. Just because a girl wears a dress ‘n curls her hair, doesn’t mean she’s afraid to get her hands dirty!


Let me know what you think and email me with any of your questions if you decide to do your own little DIY shelving unit. I want you to be as excited as I am with your own wall unit and feel that same sense of accomplishment…No Men Needed ( well unless you are a guy, and in that case I say I got faith in you too and thanks for reading our blog).


As always, Lindsey and I are always looking for a Photo-Op excuse…..We’re just girls that wanna have f-un!



xoxo- Brooke

The Bridesmaids Dress Movement

When I was getting married one of the hardest things was finding my bridesmaids dresses.  I had an idea of what I wanted in my head but, store after store, no one seemed to have anything close.  Not only that but what I did find was so expensive I couldn’t bring myself to make my girls pay that much for a dress they would only wear once (who are we kidding no one ever wears them again).

Boy did I wish I had pinterest back then….

With this Thursday marks my 4th wedding anniversary, so I thought I would share some amazing sources for bridesmaids dresses!


First off, my fav!  This one shoulder dress is from an etsy seller DressbLee and its amazing!  Etsy is an awesome place to look for bridesmaids dresses.  Not only will they be unique and super fantastic, you will also be supporting small designers instead of big box stores (love doing that ;)).  And with a price tag of only $119.00 per dress, your bridesmaids will love you even more than they already do!


Plus this particular dress is available in TONS of awesome colors so you can customize 🙂  (she also does wedding dresses!  Amazing!)



This one from etsy seller myuniverse is tres chic!  Love LOVE it.  A little revealing but could be altered to fit all types of ladies.  And only $99 bucks!  I might just buy it to wear all the time!


Like the first dress this one also comes in other colors, but BONUS this one is convertible!  You could even buy this dress for all your girls and then have them all wear it differently!  Makes me excited, lots of exclamation points 🙂



Sometimes, you gotta get a little fancy.  And we here at Glitterbox just could not resist the new trend of GLITTER BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES!  Aaaaaaah!  Here are a few that we found that we fell in love with.


Gold Scalloped Sequin Dress

LOVE the scallops on this dress!  If you’re looking for an outside-the-box glitter dress that outside-the-box, this one is your winner, stunning!



Love the sleeves on this one, kind balances out the shortness.


Gold Strapless Sequin Dress with Peplum

Peplum.  Yes please.

And the BEST part about all these shimmery frocks is that not one of them costs over $100.  Score!

 That’s all for now but we will have more bridesmaids dress posts in the future, cause, well, we can’t enough!


April Showers bring May Floral Design Ventures!

Today we took a road trip to visit a few fresh flower wholesalers to begin our new adventure into floral design. We have both wanted to work in floral design for a while and now, with the help of all of our great Glitterbox blog readers, we are taking the plunge!

We will be adding floral design to our list of services that we offer and our floral services will be available right away!


We will be doing bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, decorations…oh just listing them makes our hearts sing!



As you’ll be able to see once we get some photos up on our GlitterBlooms page, our style is modern, fresh, unexpected and fun.




If you or anyone you know is getting married, send ’em our way! We are gonna have some great deals in this beginning period so get ’em while the gettin’s good!!

brooke & lindsey

Soft hair alert!

Okay, so I know that our blog is tailored to brides and other event/party throwing guys n gals, but I found a absolutely awesome new beauty product and I wanted to share!!! Who knows, maybe we will start doing beauty blogposts too.  Everyone enjoys feeling beautiful, right?!?
So anyway, the other day Lindsey and I were wandering through Jcp (JC Penny) and one of the salon stylists came over with a coupon for a freebie at the salon.  We love a deal and free is always best so of course we headed over there to pick our goody up, making sure this time not to get lured in to buying another bag full of hair-stuff we don’t really need!  (funny but true, Jeremy actually instagramed a pic of our shower because I have sooo much shower swag and he has one bottle of 3 in 1 do it all manly stuff.)
I didn’t take much notice to what we got until this morning.  I checked it out after I got out of the shower, ooh Biolage, my favorite! It is the new Biolage Advanced Keratindose Renewal Spray by Matrix.


It’s a lightweight leave in treatment for hair that has been over-processed by color, bleach, relaxers, texturizers, straightening and other chemical services.  I have brown ombré locks that have been colored and bleached so I definitely thought I’d give it a whirl! My hair has also been feeling a little on the dry, crispy-crunchy side from the hard water here in the boonies.  So I was anxious to see if this was the miracle I craved.
I brushed my clean, wet hair and sprayed this through the ends and then gave it another once through with a wide-toothed comb and put it in a french braid for the day.
Tonight when I took the braid out before bed I notice the difference!  My hair felt so soft and was not frizzy at all.  It is super shiny but not that grease monkey shine, you’ve seen that look?  I have nice manageable waves with no heat styling at all!  Yay!
Biolage products have been a longtime winner with me, and this one definitely takes the cake!  I will be getting the full size bottle and probably the shampoo and conditioner. Stay tuned for gorgeous hair!


The Haul!

We were both craaaaaving some bargain hunting and some sweet deals, so, we headed out to Goodwill, hitting every garage sale we spotted on the way! Being such a beautiful day here in West Michigan, it wasn’t a hard task to take on. Grand Rapids is in Yard Sale mode! Yee haa!

We ended up going to 17 garage sales and 2 Goodwill Stores (oh and the mall just cause we can’t drive by it without stopping there…) and this is what we came out with (ohhhh and for the purposes of getting in trouble with the hubs we won’t show you what we got from our fav mall stores)

•{ Dresses }•


•{ Other clothes }•


•{ More Lovely Things! }•


Talk about retail therapy when you don’t spend more than $10 on any single item!

brooke & lindsey

Batchelorette party, Glitterbox Style

You’re the maid of honor, and you can’t think of anything unique to do for your best friends batchlorette party. Look no further, girls have we got an idea for you! If you are a local reader, we give you

da da da daaaaa


Brush Studio is art-teaching, wine-serving, paint-all-over, heck of a good time that brings out the inner artist in you!

At their sessions, one of their skilled artists teaches the studio full of peeps how to paint a picture step by step. They supply all the paint, brushes, a canvas AND did we mention….they serve wine!


These girls kicked it up a notch and all wore 80’s bridesmaids dresses and the bride wore a wedding gown. It was a mimosa morning paint-showdown.








Don’t you love this awesome space, it’s modern meets rustic meets uber artistic, we are in love! We have been there a few times and will definitely be returning! The ladies that work there are so sweet and lovely, they really make it a fun time. Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page, they’re a hoot!




Check them out in East Town

Brush Studio

2213 Wealthy St. Suite 110 – Gaslight Village – Grand Rapids, MI 49506

616 • 805 • 5099


brooke & lindsey

Trash to Treasure – Frames

Today we are just bringing you a quick trash to treasure post on one of our goodwill finds.  Brooke scored these frames for $5 each and she instantly saw the potential in them.


First we took them apart (make sure you remember how they go back together!)


We spray painted them a shiny silver.




We designed the print art in photoshop and we are sharing with you!  Click here Making Memories & Free Beer.


 Once the frames are dry, we put the prints in the frames


and hung them on the wall!  Wah-la!  Cheap and easy!  Just how we like it 😉


brooke & lindsey

Sangria for the Soul

Time for another drink post! This time we made a fruity sangria for a bridal shower, and let’s just say…It was a hit! Berry delicious! We will definitely be making this one again, we may even make up our own holiday just to have an excuse! Happy bare-feet, in the mud, middle of April, it’s raining-lets drink sangria Day!


Here’s the here’s how:
You will need 1 liter Vernors soda, 1 package frozen lemonade concentrate, 2 bottles of white zinfandel, 2 cartons of strawberries (sliced) and 2 cups pineapple juice.


You can add any other fruits you would like. We decided we needed more once we were done mixing it, as you can see we added blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Now for the wine!


We used two different wines to make it interesting and, well, they had cute tops for pictures…I mean, of course.


Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl or pitcher. For best results, chill before serving.



Your taste buds are going to thank you! Happy drinking!

brooke & lindsey